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marsha, Engaged
I met Queen bee and she has given me my crown as her king. I'm very much in love with this woman, so much so that I cannot speak words you will understand. This is love peace and happiness. Thank you SpeedDate.
Aaron, Engaged
After talking to a lot of different people on here and feeling the need to just give up, I finally met someone that I truly enjoyed talking to, Chealsea. We got to talking and told one another our stories and just didn't want to see the other hurt and wanted them to be happy. She just suddenly said, I think I love you and want to marry you, and all I could say was I love you, too and asked her to marry me.
i met Troy only a few weeks ago but it is going very well thank u SpeedDate.
Karla, Married
I met my husband on August 6, 2011 and we were married on August 15, 2011. Thanks SpeedDATE
Laura, Engaged
I met Celestino through Speed Date back in March when I saw his picture with his "live" text saying, "I think ur cute." He was so polite to me that I rushed out to meet him THAT DAY. We met at WalMart, I followed him to McDonalds where he bought me lunch. He began talking to me about what was happening in his life, and I found myself strangely drawn to him. We then went to his trailer, got bread and fed the ducks at the park. Finally, I drove home. I came back out to his town the next day with my daughter and they "clicked." From there, we spent 2 weeks moving our stuff out into his trailer and we've been together ever since. A wedding is planned for sometime next year. Thank you, Speed Date! After almost a year of hopeless dating, I was about ready to give up!
sherry, Dating
I never thought that I would meet someone that would be so very special to me. I especially didn't think that I would meet someone on Speeddate .He is the best thing that has happened to me,a true blessing in my life and I love him so so so so very much.THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH :) :)
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